Highway #2 - South Klondike Highway, Km. 83

Venus Mill

Photo from Venus Mill

Venus Mill was built in 1908 to serve Colonel J. H. Conrad's Venus no.1 and no.2 mines, located high on the mountain behind you. An aerial tramway transported silver ore to the mill, said to have a capacity of 100 tons per day. Gravity and water carried the ore down through several levels of crushers, trommels, screens and concentrators. At the bottom, the concentrated ore was bagged for shipment, first by water to Carcross and then by railroad to tidewater at Skagway, Alaska. Although it incorporated the latest technology and operated around the clock, Venus Mill proved uneconomical and was closed within two years.

Venus Mill is located in an avalanche zone and the structure is dangerous to enter. Please enjoy from a distance.

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