Highway #1 - Alaska Highway, Km. 968

BC/Yukon Border

This marks the border between British Columbia and Yukon, at the latitude of 60 degrees north. Between Historic Mile 585 and here, the highway has already dipped back and forth across the border seven times. Over the next 225 kilometres (140 miles) the highway will swing back into B.C. several more times, once for a stretch of 68 kilometres (42 miles), before making a final crossing at Morley Lake, southeast of Teslin.

Lower Post

Lower Post, at Historic Mile 620, is a former Indian village site and Hudson's Bay Company trading post. It is located at the junction of the Liard and Dease Rivers and, in the 1800s, was a stopping off point for trappers and miners heading north along the Liard. It has been known variously as Sylvester's Lower Post, Liard Post and Lower Post. It was called Sylvester's Lower Post after Rufus Sylvester, a former Cariboo miner who built the log structure for the original trading post in the mid-1870s.

During highway construction, Lower Post was the site of a United States military sawmill. It was built in March 1943 by soldiers of the 341st Regiment of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and was used to process timbers for bridge construction.

The highway originally ran through the centre of the town, following a wagon trail that had served for many years as the main link between Lower Post and Watson Lake, 24 kilometres (15 miles) to the northeast. In 1985, the highway was re-routed to the east of Lower Post.

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